About Jade

Photo of Jade Brooks and greyhound. Jade is a dog trainer based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

I'm an APDT Trainer (Membership Number: 01502) and an Approved Dog Training College Instructor. I also hold workshops around the Cardiff area for owners & canine professionals on 'Canine Body Language'.

My passion for ex-racing greyhounds has led my research to various canine topics and I regularly attend workshops & seminars to bring the very best and up to date information to my clients.

Although I am a greyhound enthusiast my knowledge is based on the study of all the breeds. Whether you have a Primitive Breed, Working, Spitz, Sight Hound, Scent Hound, Terrier, Gundog, Companion or Cross Breed I feel you have to know quite a bit about them all, too truly understand dog.

Dogs really only understand safe or dangerous and it’s often mis-management of social situations between humans and dogs that create problems. Understanding dogs and natural dog behaviour is key to unravelling these doggie detective mysteries.

You might be new to dog ownership or have had dogs all your life. If you and your dog are struggling, the insight of a trained professional can make all the difference. A little bit of “dog training” and “human understanding” can change lives. Happy dogs, make happy homes!

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Training & Behaviour

Photo of Jade Brooks and greyhound. Jade is a dog trainer based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Training and behaviour is at the heart of my mission. I take great pride showing off my own dogs when promoting this fantastic breed as companion animals.

I’ve lived with greyhounds for the last 15 years and pictured opposite is Penny, who was blind. I have researched lots of ways to make Blind and Deaf dogs more independent and enjoy all the things other dogs do.

In actual fact a dog's real strength is it's nose! As long as you use visual, verbal cues and touch, I can help you be your dogs guide so they can get on with being dogs!

I run the APDT 'Good Companion Awards' at The Dog Spa, where I teach owners to train the dog in front of them. We can all get a little hung up on labels especially with breed types, but I like to read the dog's body language so the owner can raise or lower their energy and their own body language. Strong relationships are built this way.