Greyhound Ownership

Greyhound Consultation

Once you have got your new dog home, I can advise you on the best way to train your greyhound.

I start with a one-to-one greyhound consultation where I discover any training/behaviour requirements and then give advice and recommend training methods. I discuss how to manage the early stages of training and look at some of the pitfalls to be avoided. All this is followed up by a written report and training plan detailing all that I have discussed, and how to take the training forward.

This can then be followed up with one to one training, either in your own home or other location (I have access to a barn and secure fields). I offer individual one to one training or a 6 weeks greyhound training package.

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Dog Puppy Trainer Cardiff South Wales

Ownership Topics

Dog Puppy Trainer Cardiff South Wales Dog Puppy Trainer Cardiff South Wales
  • Getting used to the new home environment and becoming a pet dog (Socialisation/habituation)
  • How to safely introduce your greyhound to other breeds of dogs especially small dogs
  • How to get my dogs attention and focus
  • Leave it!
  • Stop counter surfing for food in the kitchen
  • How to behave when dining out at bars & restaurants
  • House training or training to use a dog potty or area
  • Crate training (if this is something you choose to do)
  • Travel arrangements (suggestions to keep you both safe)
  • Come when called or recall training
  • Introducing a greyhound to a home with a cat or other small animals in residence (this involves long term management)
  • Dealing with fears and phobias
  • Playing with your greyhound
  • Play biting/ chasing/ mouthing
  • Leaving your greyhound (avoiding separation anxiety)
  • Reflex to name if you’ve decided to change
  • Greyhound recall training
  • Emergency recall
  • Eye contact – which will lead to ...
  • Loose lead walking (no distractions)
  • Down & stand training without distractions
  • Handling & grooming
  • Any other training/behaviour issues you may have

Further Info

All training is fun and force free and will allow your greyhound to begin to think in the right way and will enhance your relationship with your greyhound and begin to build that bond with your greyhound for the rest of their lives.

As much as possible I recommend training is shared between ALL members of the family, including children, so everyone is treating the greyhound in the same way and using the same techniques, cues etc.

Consultations are available evenings, weekends and some week-days by arrangement.