Greyhound Pre-Ownership

Pre greyhound visit

If you are rehoming from a greyhound charity they will give you this information free of charge or it will be included in your adoption price. However if they aren’t able to offer this or some of the training advice or you are purchasing your greyhound from a breeder, it could be invaluable to you.

A greyhound visit will take place in your home (yes I will bring an actual greyhound to your home) it will help you be prepared for your new arrival by answering any questions you have regarding the following topics:

Read below about 'Pre-Ownership Topics'...

Dog Puppy Trainer Cardiff South Wales

Pre-Ownership Topics

Dog Puppy Trainer Cardiff South Wales
  • His/her breed specific needs
  • Sleep and toilet training
  • Feeding
  • Crate/bed/safe place training (If that’s something you would like)
  • What to do in the first few weeks
  • Managing home life with children
  • Socialisation and habituation
  • Any other issues/worries/ questions you may have!
  • Managing home life with children

Greyhound consultations are available evenings and weekends by arrangement.